Fraud Calls – How to spot them and protect yourself Spam Calls – How to stop them from bothering you

SPAM CALLS, FRAUDULENT MESSAGE – Protect yourself from fraudulent calls and protect your family! STOP THEM – Stop them with these helpful tips on how to get rid of spam calls!

The Problem with SPAM/Fraudulent Phone Calls
It’s no secret that spam calls are a nuisance. Whether it is a call trying to sell you something or a fake phone call claiming to be the IRS, these calls can be frustrating. In fact, according to a report from Consumers Union, one in five people have been bombarded by as many as 50 spam calls on their cell phone in the last month. These numbers are staggering and show just how big of an issue this is today.

Know About SPAM
When you get a spam call, the best thing to do is hang up. Some people also use caller ID or a call blocking app on their phone to make sure they don’t get any calls from numbers they don’t know. If someone does answer a spam call, the person on the other end will try to sell something or ask for personal information. Sometimes these people are trying to trick you into downloading malware that can steal your personal information and passwords.

Talk About SPAM
Have you been receiving spam calls? It’s likely they’re coming from a number of different sources, but there are steps you can take to block the fraudsters.
1) Hang up on the call. Hanging up is one of the simplest ways to help weed out calls that may be fraudulent. If it’s not a telemarketer or an important call, just end the conversation right then and there. 2) Check your phone settings for blocking options.

Protect Against SPAM– In a move that could offer mobile phone users a big relief from spam calls and fraudulent messages, the government has proposed to make it mandatory that the identity of a person sending a message or calling should be visible to the receiver irrespective of the platform used for communication. In case an unregistered SIM is used by an unidentified caller, he will have to reveal his identification within four seconds of initiating the call. However, there are chances that fraudsters may adopt new methods to circumvent this provision by using voice over internet protocol (VOIP) as well as text messages.
To curb this problem, the authorities need to put in place mechanisms which can filter out these kinds of illegal communications on both VoIP and text messaging platforms.

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