Hijab Protest In Iran: Women In Iran Taking a Stand Against oppressive regime

Hijab Protest in Iran is about to make history as the women of Iran have taken a stand against the oppressive regime by standing up and saying NO to the hijab law that forces women to cover their hair and wear loose fitting clothing while they are in public. This protest was sparked after one woman, Vida Movahed, stood on a utility box and took off her hijab to protest against what she believes to be an oppressive law which has been in place since 1979. Soon after she took off her hijab, she was arrested by police and led away with only her face showing.

How they protest
The hijab protest in Iran started after the death of Neda Agha-Soltan on June 20th 2009. This was when women in Iran began to protest by taking off their hijab, waving it in the air, and throwing it away. This act of defiance is known as White Wednesday. Protestors have not been deterred even though they have been beaten and arrested. They carry on because they want to show the world that there are Iranians who are against this oppressive regime, which is led by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Why they protesting
Protests have been going on in Iran over the past few weeks as women are standing up against an oppressive regime. The protests were sparked after news of a woman who was shot by police last month and died.

What they want to do next ?
Protests in Iran have been happening for years and these protests are showing no sign of stopping. As the Iranian government continues to oppress women, there will be more protest in Iran. One way to protest against the Iranian government is by refusing to wear their headscarves, hijabs.

How it started?
In 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini took control of the Iranian government and imposed strict Islamic law. Hijabs became mandatory and women were prohibited from traveling outside of their homes without permission. The hijab protest has been going on for more than three months. There have been reports of violent clashes between security forces and protesters in various parts of the country. Thousands have joined in to support the movement, posting videos of themselves standing on utility boxes or other tall structures with hijabs tied around their faces as they sing songs about freedom or hold signs saying I am not afraid.

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