SC delivered split verdict on Karnataka hijab ban

Karnataka hijab case: SC delivers split verdict Hijab verdict: SC delivers split verdict on karnataka hijab ban

The two judges on the Bench had divergent opinions on the ideas of secularity, freedom of expression and effect of the ban on education of girls; case will now be heard by a larger Bench

Supreme Court Verdict The Supreme Court on Thursday delivered a split verdict on whether Muslim students should shed their hijabs at their school gates. Justice Hemant Gupta upheld Karnataka’s prohibitive government order of February 5, saying “apparent symbols of religious belief cannot be worn to secular schools maintained from State funds”. Justice Gupta said ‘secularity’ meant uniformity, manifested by parity among students in terms of uniform. Justice Gupta held that adherence to uniform was a reasonable restriction to free expression. The discipline reinforced equality. The State had never forced students out of State schools by restricting hijab. The decision to stay out was a “voluntary act” of the student. In his divergent opinion, Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia said secularity meant tolerance to “diversity”. Wearing or not wearing a hijab to school was “ultimately a matter of choice”. For girls from conservative families, “her hijab is her ticket to education”. “Asking the girls to take off their hijab before they enter the school gates, is first, an invasion of their privacy, then it is an attack on their dignity, and then ultimately it is a denial to them of secular education… There shall be no restriction on the wearing of hijab anywhere in schools and colleges in Karnataka,” Justice Dhulia held. He further remarked that one of the best sights in India was a girl going to school like her brother. “Are we making the life of a girl child any better by denying her education, merely because she wears a hijab! All the petitioners (students) want is to wear a hijab! Is it too much to ask in a democracy? How is it against public order, morality or health or even decency?” Justice Dhulia asked.The case would now be re­heard by a larger Bench.

Hijab row during exam in college

A college student in this north Bihar town alleged that objectionable remarks were made against her by a
male teacher when she refused to take off her headscarf (hijab) during an exam on Sunday. The incident took place at the Mahant Darshan Das Mahila College where intermediate students turned up  for their sent-­up tests. Students who clear sent­-up tests will be eligible to appear for the final examination. College principal Kanu Priya said, “The girl was
only asked to reveal her ears since there were apprehensions that she might be carrying a Bluetooth device.”
Mithanpura SHO Shrikant Sinha said the dispute arose when the tests had just begun. “Both sides were counselled and the exams conducted peacefully… lodging a case or deployment of additional forces is not warranted. But we will keep a watch.”
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